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Medical & Healthcare Interpreters

Experienced, Certified, American Sign Language Interpreters

Government Interpreting

National Interpreting Service Provides Interpreters for State and Local Government

Training Professionals

National Interpreting Service Provides Healthcare Interpreter Training

Legal Interpreting

Providing American Sign Language Interpreters for Legal Situations and Settings

Conference and Event Interpreting

American Sign Language Interpreters for Conferences, Workshops, and Special Events

Interpreter Consulting

Interpreter Consulting for Businesses and Organizations

Interpreter Classes

Healthcare Interpreter Training, Community Interpreter and More

Professional Interpreters

Providing Reliable Services, and Quality Interpreters

Career Opportunities

National Interpreting Service contracts with RID Certified Interpreters

Call for Interpreters (503) 932-8460

Contact National Interpreting Service for your American Sign Language needs

Office Location

Historic Garfield School at 528 Cottage Ave NE, Suite 1C (near Downtown Salem, Oregon)

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Why Choose National Interpreting Service?

Our vision is to adhere to the highest ethical business principles and RID professional standards while serving the Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and Hard-of-Hearing communities in the Northwest.

At National Interpreting Service we value integrity, equality, fairness, and mutual respect. We provide interpreters that are a best fit for each individual situation in order to provide the best service possible. We pride ourselves on our customer service. It doesn’t matter if you have a last minute request, cancellation or question, your needs will be met by our professional, courteous office staff.

All interpreters are RID certified. We believe in excellent service and are committed to your needs. We have a proven history with highly skilled interpreters. We provide interpreters for a variety of settings with Deaf participants. Settings include but are not limited to medical appointments, hospital emergencies, mental health evaluations, psychiatric crisis situations, legal matters, conferences, workshops, job interviews. In addition, we offer services for employee training, social events, educational classrooms, and more.

Interpreting Services Provided in Various Settings . . . 

  • Interpreting in Medical and Healthcare Settings
  • Conference and Event Interpreting
  • Interpreting Services for Insurance
  • Interpreting in Mental Health Settings
  • Interpreting Services for State and Local Government Agencies
  • Interpreting for Courtroom and other Legal Situations and Settings
  • Interpreting for Educational Settings
  • Interpreting in Emergency Situations

This is a just a partial list of the different types of places that have used our Interpreters and that we have experience with providing services on a regular basis. Our company specializes in Medical Sign Language Interpreting and we have interpreters with extensive knowledge in the different disciplines within the medical community.

State Government including Oregon state Governor • Federal Government Contracts • Law Offices and Police Stations • Hospitals and Health Centers • Medical and Dental Clinics • Financial Institutions and Retirement Specialists • Drug Treatment Centers • In-Patient and Out-Patient Psychiatric Service Providers • Life Insurance Companies • Auto Insurance Companies • Worker’s Compensation Boards • Hospice Care Companies • Funeral Homes and Churches • Wedding Ceremonies • Non-Profit Organizations • Surgery Centers • Colleges and Universities • Social Service agencies • Corporations and small businesses • Theaters • Public Safety offices • Homeless Shelters • Baseball Games & Other Sporting Events • Immigration Specialists • Private Homes • County Resource offices. 

(503) 932-8460


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